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Gustave Retour
Cérémonie en vert

Cérémonie en vert




1x Cassette Album Limited Edition



Release date

Sep 6, 2023

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Big Science Records is excited to announce the forthcoming debut album, “Cérémonie en vert”, by the french artist Gustave Retour, scheduled for release on September 6th.
In a world where everything seems to be collapsing before our very eyes, it’s time to explore new beliefs. Can nature be the savior we seek? The answer is evident, so why not strive to stay connected to it? Hailing from Toulouse, in the south of France, this young artist possesses a unique mastery of 90s analog/breakbeat jungle, drawing inspiration from the beloved genres of hip-hop, techno, and glitch. Combining elements of UK-style with dub reverb and noise pedals, the result is a captivating blend of industrial tones and a spiritual, vibrant essence. We are immensely proud to support and showcase such a brilliant emerging artist on our label’s roster with this exceptional LP. Gustave Retour’s «Cérémonie en vert» is a remarkable journey that challenges convention and embraces innovation, making it a standout addition to our catalog.

Stay tuned for the release of «Cérémonie en vert» in September, as we invite you to embark on this mesmerizing musical voyage with us.


L'eau lavera le reste



Aller sans retour



Interlude (seconde peau)



Étrange savoir-faire



Les battements du fleuve



Cérémonie en vert



Les plans de l'architecte



Nouvelles croyances






Le bruit de trop


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